Marco Polo

A cruise on the Marco Polo is a voyage of discovery in miniature. Both on deck and inside, your guests can enjoy beautiful views. So the weather can never be a spoilsport. On request, the captain will be happy to provide explanations of the sights during the trip.

The Marco Polo is equipped with many facilities. The interior can be adapted to the size of your party and the program. Regarding catering, audiovisual equipment and entertainment, we will be happy to make you an appropriate offer.

There are special facilities for the disabled, such as elevators (max 200 kg) and adapted toilets. Unfortunately, the skydeck is not wheelchair accessible.

The Marco Polo was recently completely restyled. When introduced in 1995, the ship with its distinctive arches was a leader in design and interior design. With the new styling, the popular ship is again completely ready for the future. The main interior colors are taupe with blue maritime accents. The ship features a new high-quality Bose sound system with 4G wireless microphones. Narrowcasting can follow guests on 32″ HD Led screens and via a Media Player different image and sound formats can be used. For corporate presentations, 2 extra large format mobile HD screens are available. The luxurious and modern designed bar, as well as the new sanitary facilities complement the experience of our guests on board. Only LED lighting has been chosen. Around the Atrium of the ship, LED RGB tube light provides special accents and the lighting can be set in any desired mood color. With this, the ship is again fully equipped for events for business, government and individuals.

A piece of history

Those who travel far have many stories to tell. This was certainly true of Marco Polo (1254-1324). This Venetian explorer amazed his compatriots with stories of his voyages to the heart of the Mongol Empire, deep in Asia. There he enjoyed the protection of the great Qubilai Chan and stayed in Mongolia from 1275 to 1291. In 1295 he returned to Venice, where he chronicled his experiences.

Technical aspects

8.00 meter
43.00 meter
500 persons
In fleet since:
Max. speed:
21.00 km/h