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Harbour News

Current developments and ships in the Port of Rotterdam

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Seajacks Scylla in the Waalharbour

At the Rotterdam Offshore Group in the Waalhaven, the Seajacks Scylla is moored. This Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Foundation, on off the vessel of the British Offshore Company Seajacks, is designed by the Dutch firm IHC Gusto and in 2015 built at Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea. The crew of the 139 long and 50 meter wide ship consists of 130 people. The first project is the installation of 67 Monopiles (a cylindrical steel tube) for the VEJA wind farm near the German island of Borkum. The crane aboard the Seajacks has a lifting capacity of 1500 tons, the monopiles measures a length of 85 meters and weigh about 1300ton. On Maasvlakte 2 is a factory of SIF under construction where monopiles are manufactured. 

Seven Cruzeiro soon or test tour?

The fourth and last of a series designed by Subsea 7 IHC Offshore & Marine and built offshore support vessels, the Seven Cruzeiro, will soon start a number of technical trials. The vessel is equipped with a 550-tonne pipe lay installation manufactured by Huisman in Schiedam. The diesel electric powered vessels have a length of 146 meters and a width of 30 meters. Below deck there are two carousels for the storage of 4000Ton flexible pipes and cables. The vessel can operate in water depths of 3000 meters. The four ships are part of a five-year charter contract for the Brazilian oil company Petrobras and are used for a new deep-water offshore project off the Brazilian coast. 

Spauwer will be phased at Trico

In the Kortenoordse Port is at Shipyard Trico the twin hopper Spauwer phased commissioned by Den Herder Seaworks from Zeeland Yerseke. The hull was built in China at DoaDa Heavy Industries.The 9800-ton Spauwer equipped with a submersible pump, dry discharging plant and conveyor belts and goes to work in distant concession areas at greater depths. Den Herder Seaworks is an international family business, specializing in the extraction of minerals at sea (sand and gravel) for customers in the concrete industry, commerce sand, ground water and road construction. 

AIDAprima in the harbour of Rotterdam on LNG gas

As one of the last ports in the Metropole Route Hamburg, Southampton, Le Havre and Zeebrugge AIDAprima is now in Rotterdam during the terminal time provided with LNG for on-board power. The ship is equipped with 4 MAK M46DF 12 cylinder dual-fuel engines that can run on both diesel and LNG. The ship itself has no LNG tanks on board. On the terminal provides a tanker of the company Schenk cooled to -162 degrees Shell LNG and gas generators are transferred to LNG business. The result, an emission reduction is achieved of more than 95%. 

The Hef wrapped in foil

It seems at first a work of art by American artist Christo in the eighties, the Pont Neuf in Paris wrapped in foil. The King's harbour bridge from 1927 and since 1993 out of use and is now approximately for 8 million entirely preserved by the City of Rotterdam, and is therefore encased completely dustproof. The middle section, the trap is on the quay in Schiedam Gustoweg. The end of 2016 the restoration must have been completed. Replacing the trap is a bit delayed i.v.m. the completion of a new sailing Yacht with a height of 93 meters by Oceanco in Alblasserdam. 


The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, SOLAS) Convention is the main international convention on safety at sea and arrived in 1914 established after the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. SOLAS is since 1954 under the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).The IMO number is a vessel identification number consisting of the three letters "IMO" followed by a seven-digit number provided by Lloyds Register for the construction of a vessel. The list of ships is published annually by publisher Lloyds Register-Fairplay. This is the only body that can issue the numbers. It is therefore a unique seven digit number that is assigned to ships with mechanical propulsion, seagoing commercial vessels of 100 tons and larger, with the laying of the keel. Warships have no IMO number. 

Featured harbours: The Veer harbour

The Veer harbour or Pontegat. Since the third quarter of the 15th century enter here the ferry to Katendrecht. This service was an important link in the connection Holland Brabant. The current ferry port, together with the Western Basin dug between 1852 and 1854 as part of the first planned expansion outside the ramparts of Rotterdam. Westerhaven lay where now the Parklaan and Calandstraat lies. As the name Westerkade comes from. Westerhaven is muted in 1902. Behind the ferry port is the old office of the River Police which was in the Parkhaven from 1908. Now this is the Harbour Master's office. In 1909, the ferry harbour and marina run by the Royal Rowing and Sailing Club 'De Maas' and is furnished as a marina. After a period of decline, the operation of the port in 1990 under management of Stichting Veerhaven Rotterdam's Veerhaven home include seagoing schooners and loggers that, restored and brought back into service, Rotterdam rich maritime history alive. In addition, the Veerhaven space for visitors, yachts, arriving a few days exploring Rotterdam and at events such as the annual Race of the Classic and Classic Race of the Young Professionals and Veerhavenconcert. 

New Hybrid patrol boat for the Port Authority

The Port of Rotterdam agreed with Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman in Zwijndrecht the contract for the construction of the RPA 8. This will be a hybrid inspection vessel and is intended to replace the RPA 3. Important features are reducing emissions and reducing the wave.The new ship will fit in perfectly with the policy of the Port Authority seeking a sustainable port. It is expected that the RPA 8 is brought into service during 2017.

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