Food and Beverages

"A culinary experience on the water"

Drinks Menu

Coffee / Tea
€ 2,80
Cappuccino / Hot Chocolate
€ 3,00
Pepsi / Pepsi Light / Sisi / 7up / Lipton Ice Tea / Cassis
€ 2,70
Fristi / Tonic / Bitter lemon
€ 2,70
Chocomel/ Rivella
€ 3,00
Tomato juice
€ 2,90
Apple Juice
€ 2,95
Orange Juice
€ 3,10
Heineken Small
€ 3,00
Heineken Medium
€ 4,25
Heineken Large
€ 5,80
Bottle wine 25cl: white / red / rosé
€ 5,80
€ 27,50 per bottle
Alcohol free Beer (Amstel 0,0%)
€ 3,40
€ 3,60
Affligem Blond
€ 3,95
Wieckse Witte
€ 3,30
IPA Brand Bier
€ 3,60
€ 4,00
Spirits, from the price of
€ 2,90
(like: Jenever, Vieux etc.)
Spirits from abroad, from the price of
€ 4,20
(like: Rum, Wodka, Whiskey, Gin etc.)
Aperitif, from the price of
€ 3,00
(Like: Advocaat, Port, Sherry, Vermouth etc.)
Liquors from abroad, from the price of
€ 4,70
(Like: Baileys, Licor 43, Amaretto, Grand Marnier etc.)


€ 1,50
Crisps (several)
€ 1,50
Muffin (vanilla and chocolate)
€ 1,50
Stroopwafels (Typical dutch cookie with caramel, 2 cookies per package)
€ 1,50
€ 2,00
Apple Pie
€ 3,50
Sandwich Cheese / Sandwich Ham
€ 2,70
€ 4,10
Meatball Sandwich
€ 4,10
Ice Cream*, from the price of
€ 1,00
(*just in summertime)

Lunchbag (Order 2 weeks in advance at minimum)

- White sandwich cheese
- Sandwich with egg salad and chicken fillet
- Orange juice
- Candybar
- Piece of fruit
- Muffin
- Spido gift
€ 14,50



Per cup
€ 2,80
€ 3,00


Apple pie
€ 3,50
Assorted cakes
€ 3,95
Cake (slice)
€ 2,10
€ 2,00
Finger petit four
€ 2,75
Petif four (cake model)
€ 3,25
Petit four with logo (cakemodel)
€ 4,75
Mini muffins (2 p.p.)
€ 2,50
Cocktail biscuits and nuts
€ 3,00
€ 2,50

Soft drinks

Cola, Seven Up, Orangeade
€ 2,70
Bitter Lemon, Tonic (bottle)
€ 2,70

Fruit juice

Per glass, from
€ 2,95

San Pellegrino (water)

Per bottle
€ 6,90


Beer, tap from
€ 3,00
Malt beer, bottled
€ 3,40


Eggnog with whipped cream
€ 3,70
Port, Sherry, Vermouth from
€ 3,40

Dutch distilled

€ 3,50
Vieux, Beerenburg
€ 3,20
€ 3,70

Foreign distilled

Ballantines, Wodka, Bacardi, Gin from
€ 4,80


Drambuie, Amaretto, Tia Maria, Baileys from
€ 4,70
Grand Marnier, Cointreau
€ 4,40

Welcome cocktail 'Spido'

Per glass
€ 5,50

Housewine per bottle

€ 27,50

Appetiser platters & bar bites

Dutch appetisers

€ 12,50
Old Rotterdam cheese with mustard
Meatballs in gravy
Mini portion of fries
Burgundian bitter balls
Mini chicken skewer
Warm goat cheese wrapped in bacon

Mediterranean appetisers

€ 12,50
Olives and peppa sweets
Skewer of prawn
Grisinni with raw ham
A variety of small salami
Roll of tramezzini bread filled with tomato tapenade

Oriental appetisers

€ 12,50
Layered cake (spekkoek)
Dim sum
Japanese rice cracker (senbei)

Willemsplein bar bites per person

€ 9,50
Assortment of fried appetisers (5 per person)

Savoury snacks and nuts per person

€ 3,00

Wilhelminapleinbar bites per person

€ 12,00
Assortment of fried appetisers (7 per person)
Savoury snacks and nuts


Classic Lunch

€ 17,50
Spinach soup with sour cream (crème fraîche)
White and brown bread rolls
Cut brown bread
Currant buns
Sweet condiments
Dairy butter and margarine
Choice of 3 processed meat products
Choice of 2 cheese varieties
Seasonal raw vegetable salad
Dutch croquette
Fruit salad
2x coffee or tea

Deluxe Lunch

€ 25,75
Seasonal soup
Mini white and brown rolls
Currant buns
Cut brown bread
Sweet condiments
Dairy butter and margarine
Smoked salmon with garnishing
Choice of 3 delicatessen meat products
Choice of 3 cheese varieties
Salad with rucola, pasta, pesto and pine nuts
Chef’s salad
Pastry filled with chicken hodgepodge
Fruit salad
Fruit quark
Unlimited coffee, tea and orange juice

Meeting Lunch

€ 28,50
Creamy fish soup with tomato-cream topping
A variety of breads and spreads
Herb cheese and smoked salmon
Pastrami with cabbage salad
Salad with free-range eggs
Old Rotterdam cheese with garden cress
Shrimps with a cocktail sauce
Ham on the bone with honey mayonnaise
Fruit salad

Falafel balls in tomato sauce
Prawns with a garlic-dill dressing

Warm & cold buffets

Europe Buffet

€ 31,50
Home-made potato salad
Raw ham with dates
Smoked salmon and marinated salmon
Three bean salad varieties with bacon pieces and a French dressing
Cucumber and tomato salad with pearl couscous

Potato dish
Pasta with vegetable-tomato sauce
Fresh vegetable dish
Braised beef with dark beer
Salmon with a wasabi-soy sauce

Erasmusbrug Buffet

€ 39,75
Cabbage salad with spring onion and dry-cured Spanish ham
Salad of pulled chicken and mango chutney
Tomato salad with mozzarella and a pesto dressing
Green asparagus salad with yoghurt mayonnaise and green herbs
A variety of sausage pieces
Salad of shrimp varieties with dill mayonnaise
Chef’s salad

Monkfish with a soy sauce
Guinea fowl with mushrooms and garlic-rosemary sauce
Lamb fillet with garlic-thyme sauce
Potato dish
Tortellini with a creamy herb sauce
Vegetable dish

Tweede Maasvlakte Buffet

€ 41,50
Pasta salad with mozzarella and garlic sauce
Smoked salmon with beetroot and dill cream
Salad of duck breast, red onions and parsley
Fresh salad of sliced peeled pomodori tomatoes, pine nuts and dill dressing
Ganda ham with a pineapple chutney

Beef sirloin carved at the buffet table
Fried flatfish in a tarragon sauce
Chicken thighs in a green herb sauce
Jambalaya rice dish
Jacket potato with red onion, sea salt and thyme
Vegetable dish

Grand dessert Buffet

€ 15,00
Chocolate cake
Cheese platter
A variety of macaron biscuits
Seasonal bavarois
Fresh fruit salad
Ice cream dessert
Yoghurt with honey

Ambassadeur Buffet

€ 62,50
Water melon with mozzarella and balsamic vinegar
Chilled roast beef with a chutney of red peppers
Poultry terrine with apricot-mustard dressing
Salmon rilette with lemon and wakame seaweed garnishing
Mussel salad with red pointed pepper, chives and chervil dressing
Pastrami with a fresh cabbage salad
Chef’s salad

Bouillabaisse stew with lobster sauce
Pork fillet cutlets with a citrus sauce
Skewer of lamb with a yoghurt-cucumber sauce
Fresh vegetable dish
Rosemary wedges
Gnocchi dumplings with a green herb sauce

Grand dessert buffet

Captain’s Dinner

€ 23,00
Baguette with garlic butter
Raw vegetable salad with dressing
Apple compote
Pickled gherkins

Marrowfat peas
Fried onions
Boiled eggs
Crisply-fried bacon pieces
Belly pork slices
Meatloaf with egg
Seasonal hearty mash pot (Stamppot)
Mashed potatoes

Singapore Buffet

€ 35,25
Cucumber salad with a sesame dressing
Telor koening
Eggs in a spicy curry sauce
Sambal goreng
Piquant Indonesian beans

Ajam sateh
Traditional dish of chicken and peanut sauce
Babi ketjap
Slices of pork in a soy sauce
Daging rendang
Braised beef in a coconut sauce
Ikan asem manis
King prawns in a sweet and sour sauce
Balletje ketjap
Meatballs in hoisin sauce

Tjap tjoy
Vegetable mix

Nasi goreng
Bami goreng

Side dishes:
Atjar tjampoer (acar pickling)
Sweet and sour marinated cabbage
Seroendeng (sauteed grated coconut)
Baked coconut with peanuts
Fried onions
Kroepoek (prawn crackers)
Emping (nut crackers)
Sambal (spicy sauce)

Self-service Buffet (to be customised by guests)

Indonesian counter

€ 14,50
Nasi (fried rice)
Bami (fried noodles)
Chicken skewer
Curried eggs
Babi pangang (barbecued pork)
Shrimps in a sweet and sour sauce
Kroepoek, emping, spekkoek (cake) and soy sauce

Fish counter

€ 15,50
Salmon salad
Fresh oysters
Salad of crayfish tail and Northern prawn with a cocktail sauce
Salad niçoise with tomato and egg
Baguette with garlic butter
Warm counter:
Cod pollock with ravigotte sauce

Dutch counter

€ 14,50
Ham on the bone with a honey-mustard sauce
Herring salad
Raw vegetable salad with a tomato dressing
Warm counter:
Meatballs in dairy butter gravy
Seasonal hearty mash pot (Stamppot)
Bread with garlic butter

Tapas counter

€ 13,50
A variety of chopped steak, olives and peppa sweets
Ganda ham
Potato dish

Warm counter:
Kofte (meatballs)
Pinchos morunos (spicy meat skewer)
Calamari with a lemon-dill dressing

Italian counter

€ 15,50
Coppa di Parma
Pasta salad
Skewer of Caprese sliced tomatoes
Warm counter:
Tortellini with a Provencal tomato sauce
Chicken with truffle cream sauce
Prawn in a pesto dressing
Foccia with olive oil and coarse sea salt

Salad bar

€ 13,50
Egg salad with the chef’s own smoked meat
Home-made potato salad
Vegetarian pasta salad
Pulled pork salad
Bean salad with a green herb dressing
Baguette with garlic butter

Cheese counter

€ 12,50
Selection of cheeses:
1 French
1 Dutch
1 Italian
1 English
Red port
Crudité, crackers and baguette

Dessert counter

€ 12,50
Crème brûlée
Choice of 2 seasonal bavarois varieties
Fresh smoothie
Ice cream dessert
Warm chocolate muffin
Fruit salad

Menus (to be customised by guests)


Carpaccio of chef’s own beef with pecorino, truffle mayonnaise and rucola
€ 14,50
Chilled prawn salad with vanilla dressing and fresh lettuce
€ 15,50
Cheese salad with red apple and a mustard-dill dressing
€ 10,50
Tuna tartare with wasabi cream
€ 13,50

ENTREMETS (second starters)

Pan-fried sea bass with lemon butter on a bed of squid pasta
€ 11,50
Suckling pig cutlets with rosemary sauce
€ 11,50
Small turkey tournedos with truffle pasta and olive oil
€ 10,50
Small vegetarian quiche with pomodori sauce
€ 9,50
Seasonal dish
daily market price
€ 4,75
Cauliflower soup with truffle oil
Guinea fowl broth with courgette and smoked chicken
Lobster soup with vanilla cream sauce (surcharge € 2.00)


Fried veal oyster with a light morel sauce
€ 23,50
Beef entrecote served with tomato-basil sauce
€ 22,50
Fillet of beef poached in red port with fried cave mushrooms
€ 24,50
Grilled veal cutlets with garlic butter
€ 20,50
Seasonal dish
daily market price


Pan-fried monkfish on a bed of spinach with a vermouth of noilly prat
€ 20,50
Poached cod with exquisite vegetables and lobster sauce
€ 21,50
Duet of salmon and prawns with coriander sauce
€ 23,50
Fried Victoria perch fillets served with lemon sauce
€ 19,50
Seasonal dish
daily market price


€ 8,50
Chef’s choice of dessert
Colourful two-tone chocolate delight (mousse, bavarois, ice cream)
Fruit salad with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
Gastronomic dessert
Seasonal dish

Bar bites

Bonbon of smoked salmon filled with a salmon mousse and salmon eggs
€ 5,25
Chestnut mushroom filled with ratatouille and with mozzarella au gratin
€ 3,25
Seashell mussels with a spicy tomato salad
€ 3,00
Kebab of shrimps served with lemon mayonnaise
€ 5,00
Carpaccio with fresh Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinaigrette
€ 3,75
daily market price
Delicious Dutch herring (Hollandse nieuwe)
daily market price
Mini cocktail of Dutch shrimps with apple and curry mayonnaise
daily market price
Skewer of brie, pineapple and cherry tomato
€ 3,50
Roll with ham on the bone and cream of chives
€ 3,50
Ravioli of king crab
€ 4,75
Mini pastry with mushrooms
€ 4,00
Roast beef rosette with horseradish
€ 4,00
Goat cheese with truffle honey
€ 4,00
Halibut with wakeme seaweed and mascarpone cheese
€ 4,75

Walking dinner

Carpaccio of beef with truffle dressing and Parmesan cheese
€ 5,50
Carpaccio of tuna with lemon and olive oil
€ 5,50
Spring roll of king crab with wasabi soy sauce
€ 6,50
Caprese salad
€ 5,00
Vitello tonato
€ 5,00
Cauliflower soup with truffle cream
€ 3,75
Cappuccino of lobster with vanilla foam
€ 3,75
Guinea fowl broth with vegetable garnishing
€ 3,75
Saffron soup with fried scallops
€ 3,75
Pasta in a Parmesan sauce with sun-dried tomato and courgette
€ 5,75
Breast of quail with blood sausage and apple
€ 5,75
Tartlet of lobster with lobster sauce
€ 5,75
Veal tenderloin with rucola mash
€ 5,75
Moroccan lamb cutlets with smoked peppers, mint, lemon rind,
olive oil and hummus
€ 7,75
Mini-skewer trio (chicken, beef, pork) with sauce of oyster,
served with cucumber spaghetti
€ 6,50
Seasonal hearty mash pot (Stamppot) with garnishing
€ 5,75
Filet of sea perch under a herb crust au gratin
€ 5,75
Fried brie on exquisite vegetables
€ 5,75
Steamer basket with salmon and shrimp
€ 5,75

Dessert – and then:

Romanov strawberries with sorbet ice cream and red fruit
€ 4,50
Goat cheese au gratin on an apple salad
€ 4,50
Home-made amaretto almond liquor parfait
€ 4,50
Crème brûlée
€ 4,50

Kamado buffet (= BBQ) at €45, max 40 persons

Home-made potato salad
Smoked fish salad
Pomodori salad with red onions and a French dressing
Cucumber salad with a dill dressing
Ganda ham with a melon salad
From the BBQ

Lamb cutlets marinated in garlic
Beef steak in marinated pesto
Chicken skewers
Smoked salmon on the skin
Mini wagyu hamburger

Baked potatoes
Grilled green asparagus

Garlic butter
Choice of 3 sauces

Crème brûlée

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