Spido & De Rotterdam

Combination Tickets
Rates Adults € 24,95 Children € 21,20

Spido and Wilhelminapier-De Rotterdam

With this ticket you combine a harbour tour with Spido and a tour of the Wilhelminapier with its world famous architecture at an 15% discount.

Experience one of the world's largest ports in all it's glory! Among the busy traffic of sea-going and inland ships, this trip is a special journey through one of the largest harbours in the world. You can see Rotterdam's impressive skyline with its imposing buildings glide by, and then get a unique view of the harbours shipyards, docks and the hypermodern transshipping of thousands of containers. Last but not least the tour will end with a view of the steamship 'Rotterdam', the former cruise flagship of shipping company Holland America Line.

Architectural icons and spectacular view! De Rotterdam is the eye catcher on Rotterdam’s skyline and was designed by award-winning architect OMA/ Rem Koolhaas. This is a building that cannot be missed and underlines Rotterdam’s reputation as a leading City of Architecture. De Rotterdam Tours offers the unique opportunity to get to know this spectacular building. Our professional guide will tell about the history, concept and design of De Rotterdam and its surroundings. Another defining building on the Wilhelminapier is Pakhuismeesteren, a remarkable transformation from harbor warehouse to hotel and Foodhallen. At the rooftop terrace of hotel Room Mate Bruno you will enjoy a first class view at its surroundings with world famous architecture.

Included - Spido harbour tour - English guided tour Wilhelminapier-De Rotterdam-Pakhuismeesteren

What time A tour Wilhelminapier-De Rotterdam-Pakhuismeesteren starts at 13.45hrs. and takes 60 minutes. Before or after you can book a harbour tour with Spido which takes 75 minutes. See timetable for departure times.
De Rotterdam-Spido is a 15 minutes walk over the Erasmusbridge.

Buy your ticket This combination ticket can be booked at the ticketservice of Spido (+31 10 2759991 / reserveringen@spido.nl). After payment you receive a confirmation of both Spido and De Rotterdam Tours. By payment you agree with the terms and conditions of De Rotterdam Tours.
Tours dates With 4 people or more, you can make reservations on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13.45-14.45hrs.

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